Education Committee

Working together

The ABAOMS Education Committee group has produced information on undergraduate education. Please see the pages on our work on this website.

Background to the Group

The ABAOMS education committee was first convened in 2005 in response to the publication of the “Profile and Competencies for the European Dentist” (Plasschaert et al 2004). It consists of representatives from every dental school in the UK (15), one postgraduate institute and one Irish dental school. Dr Michaelina Macluskey (Dundee Dental School) chaired the group through the development of the UK curriculum for undergraduate oral surgery. This is now published and a pdf can be found in the published work section of this site.

Dr Helen Clark is the new chair of the committee. Dr Clark is a clinical teaching fellow in oral surgery and co-lead for anxiety and pain management at the School of Dentistry, University of Leeds. Further information on the current work of the committee can be found on this site.

The current committee are:

Aberdeen – Binthan Smart

Belfast – Joanna Smyth

Birmingham – Yogesh Bulsara

Bristol – Anna Dargue, Carla Fleming

Cardiff – Charlotte Emanuel

Dundee – Mike Macluskey, Simon Shepherd

Eastman – Rachel Leeson

Edinburgh – Eleni Besi

Glasgow – Aileen Bell

GKT – Nadine Khawaja

Leeds – Helen Clark

Liverpool – Lynne Millsopp

Manchester -Evgeny Kushnerev, Neil Patel

Newcastle – Rachel Green

Pennisula – James Carey

QMUL – Judith Jones, Ed Bailey

Sheffield – Robert Bolt

UCLan – Kumar Varma Datla, Kate Taylor

Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry (ABSTD) representative – Professor Stephen McHanwell

Our Work

Current Research

Our current research areas include:

  • Gold standards and generic SCOT for assessing undergraduate competency in exodontia and surgical exodontia
  • National undergraduate survey of confidence in oral surgery
  • Oral cancer teaching survey
  • Creation of virtual competencies
  • Analysis of the current OS UG curriculum
  • Never Events in Oral surgery
  • Safer surgery in Oral surgery
  • Validation of suture and exodontia SCOTs
  • Collaborative work with ABSTD on clinical competency
  • Left Handed forceps use in UK Dental Schools

  • Impact of Covid-19 on undergraduate OS education


From the Committee
Curriculum document developed by the ABAOMS subgroup for teaching: UK National Curriculum for Undergraduate Oral Surgery:

  • Anziani H, Durham J and Moore UJ (2008) Exploring the relationship between formative and summative assessment of undergraduates in oral surgery. In Press – Eur J Dent Educ
  • Durham J, Moore UJ, Corbett IP, Thomson PJ (2007) Assessing competency in Dentoalveolar surgery: a 3-year study of cumulative experience in the undergraduate curriculum. Eur J Dent Educ, 11, 200-207.
  • Evans, AW (2001) Assessing competence in surgical dentistry. Br Dent J, 190, 343-346.
  • Evans, AW et al. (2002) Assessment of surgeon competency to remove mandibular third molar teeth. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 31, 434-438.
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  • Macluskey M, J. Durham, C. Balmer, A. Bell, J. Cowpe, L Dawson, C. Freeman, C. Hanson, A. McDonagh, J. Jones, L. Millsopp, R. Oliver. Dental Student Suturing Skills: A Multicentre trial of a Checklist Based Assessment. Eur J Dent Educ 2011; 15: 1-6.
  • Macluskey M, J. Durham, A. Bell, J. Cowpe, St J. Crean, A. Dargue, L. Dawson, C. Freeman, J. Jones, A. McDouagh, S. McHanwell, J. Marley, L. Myrddin, L. Millsopp, R. Oliver, T. Renton, K. Taylor and P. Thomson.
    A national survey of UK final year students’ opinion of undergraduate oral surgery teaching. Eur J Dent Educ 16 (2012) e205–e212.
    ISSN 1396-5883, doi:10.1111/j.1600-0579.2011.00717.x
  • Macluskey M, Durham J, Renton, T (2006) Competency based surgery Br Dent J, 201, 415
  • Macluskey M and Durham J (2008) Oral Surgery Undergraduate Teaching and Experience in the United Kingdom: A National Survey. Eur J Dent Educ 2009 Feb;13(1):52-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0579.2008.00537.x. PMID:19196294
  • Macluskey M and C Hanson. The retention of suturing skills in dental undergraduates. Eur J Dent Educ 2011 ; 15: 42-46.
  • Moore UJ, Durham J, Corbett IP, Thomson PJ (2008) The influence of staffing and timetabling on achieving competence in surgical extractions. In Press – Eur J Dent Educ
  • Macluskey M, Shepherd S, Carter E, Bulsara Y, Durham JA, Bell A, Dargue A, Emanuel C, Freeman C, Jones J, Khawaja N, Leeson R, Marley J, Andiappan M, Millsopp L, Nayyer N, Renton T, Taylor K, Thomson P, Toedtling V. A national follow-up survey of UK graduates opinion of undergraduate oral surgery teaching Eur J Dent Educ. 2016 Aug;20(3):174-9. doi: 10.1111/eje.12158.
  • Hanson C, Wilkinson T and Macluskey M. Do dental undergraduates think that Thiel-embalmed Cadavers are a more realistic model for teaching exodontia? Eur J Dent Educ in press

Prizes & Bursaries


The FDS RCSEng-ABAOMS small grant will be for up to £10,000 and is intended to support research in Oral Surgery. The bursary seeks entries from researchers and clinicians who are not yet established and have not completed either a PhD and/or clinical training.   Applicants must be members of ABAOMS. On completion of their research project, successful applicants will be expected to present their research at a ABAOMS conference.The applications will be through the the RCSEng – Faculty Dental Surgery.

Subject to funding being available ABAOMS hopes to launch this award again in 2021-22. Please check back for further updates.

ABAOMS Conference best presentation

A prize of £100 for the best presentation at the annual conference by a trainee/junior.

2021 conference winner is JAMES ALLISON (Newcastle).

The ABAOMS Robinson poster prize

The winner of the annual poster prize competition will receive a cash prize during the annual conference.

2021 conference winner is HANYA MAHMOOD (Sheffield).

ABAOMS Bursary

Two ABAOMS bursaries were awarded in 2017 to:

Neha Shah: Development of a higher fidelity model for suturing simulation

Mark Gormley: An observational study of risk factors for head and neck cancer in UK Biobank

ABAOMS is currently reviewing its funding portfolio and hopes to be able to launch new schemes in 2021-22

The ABAOMS Undergraduate prize

ABAOMS supports a undergraduate prize in each dental school in the fourth year of study (penultimate year of their degree). The prize is given for the student submitting an essay on the topic decided annually by the ABAOMS education committee. The winning entry from each school goes forward to the national competition and the winner of the national competition receives £100 in addition to free registration to the annual ABAOMS conference to present their essay as a poster and will also have the opportunity to publish their essay in Dental Update.  

Your essay must be submitted to your school ABAOMS education committee representative – a list of whom are available above. Please ensure a statement of academic integrity is submitted alongside your essay to your school representative. 

2021 winner is TAHA ALIBHAI (Bristol) for essay entitled: “Prevention is better than cure – should all partially erupted impacted lower third molars be removed?” 

The ABAOMS Dental Core Training essay prize

ABAOMS have launched a new Dental Core Training prize which involves submission of an essay on a topic decided annually by the ABAOMS committee. The applicant can be at any level of training but must be a member of ABAOMS. The winning entry will receive £100 and have the opportunity to present their essay as a poster at the annual ABAOMS conference to be held virtually May 2021. Additionally, there is opportunity to publish the winning entry in the Oral Surgery journal!


We are delighted to announce that the winner of this competition is Dr Adil Khan from Lincoln – Congratulations!!

2021 Winner

Awarded for essay entitled “Prevention is better than cure – should all partially erupted impacted lower third molars be removed?”.
National winner Taha Alibhai (Bristol)


Awarded for an essay entitled: “Prevention is better than cure – should all partially erupted impacted lower third molars be removed??”

  • Taha Alibhai (Bristol) *Overall winner
  • Todd Smyth (Belfast)
  • Kathryn Russell (Birmingham)
  • Yasmin Aziz (Cardiff)
  • Carmen Ng Jia Wen (Glasgow)
  • Francesca Rodrigues (KCL)
  • Sabba Hassanein (Leeds)
  • Corolus Salama (Liverpool)
  • Reuben Arnold (Manchester)
  • Weroniks Nasterska (Peninsula)
  • Yit Shern Ho (QMUL)
  • Sheffield- Jaina Sonecha (Sheffield)
  • Charlotte Craggs (UCLAN)


Awarded for an essay entitled: “What is the impact of human factors in Oral Surgery?”

  • Kelvin Onyinah (Aberdeen)
  • Ka Hey Christy Chan (Belfast)
  • Safwan Kabeer (Birmingham)
  • Emily Black (Bristol)
  • Harry Brebner (Cardiff)
  • Laura Tan (Dundee)
  • Rory Maciver (Glasgow)
  • Yi Bomi (KCL)
  • Eve Cain (Leeds)
  • Simran Amin (Liverpool)
  • Nikita Dzyuba (Manchester)
  • Leanne Myatt (Newcastle)
  • Ahmed Ahmed (Peninsula)
  • Rishi Sanger (QMUL)* overall winner
  • Beth O’Brien (Sheffield)
  • Felicity Charlotte Claire Miller (UCLAN) 


Awarded for an essay entitled: “Is blocking with Articaine better than Lidocaine?”

  • Menna Shykhon (Birmingham)
  • Catherine Roberts (Cardiff)
  • Jennifer Rawes (Leeds)
  • Ji-Yun Stephanie Yeung (QMUL)
  • Manraj Rai (KCL)
  • Karrar Al-Zubaidy (Peninsula)
  • Emily McIlvanna (QU Belfast)
  • Asha Pandya Sharpe (Bristol)
  • Neelam Khan (Manchester)
  • Katie Ruax (Sheffield)
  • Tom Cavell (Newcastle)* overall winner


Awarded for an essay entitled: “Are CBCT’s defensive practise with regards to mandibular third molar surgery?”

  • Zamzam Abdullah(Manchester)
  • Claire Dewshi(King’s College London)
  • James Douglas (Liverpool)
  • Jason He (Cardiff)
  • Yui Yin Ko (Leeds) * overall winner
  • Hannah Lawler (Glasgow)
  • Hinali  Patel (Birmingham)
  • Rachel Sommerville (Sheffield)


Awarded for an essay entitled  “Should Wrong Site Extraction Be Classified As A ‘Never Event’?”

  • Christina Tran (Bristol)
  • Madeleine Ball (Manchester)
  • Amy Aziz (Sheffield)*, national winner 
  • Marie Daniel (Liverpool)
  • Ibrahim Matadar (Glasgow)
  • Sophia Ibrahim (Birmingham)
  • Victoria Soraya Sampson(QMUL)
  • Sha-yam Karia (Cardiff)

* The national winner was determined by a small panel from the education group . Amy Aziz (Sheffield) was selected attended the conference in Liverpool November 2017


Awarded for an essay entitled “is coronectomy safe surgery or defensive practice? Discuss”

  • Megan Hunter (Dundee)
  • Sher Maine Foo (Belfast)
  • Charlotte Richards (Bristol)
  • Stuart Fishwick (Manchester)
  • Hannah Bradley (Sheffield)
  • Anthony Dagnall (Liverpool)
  • Anupam Chandran (Glasgow)
  • Julie Potter (Birmingham)
  • Ryan Howells (QMUL)
  • Joe Harvey (King’s London)
  • Romana Linkova (Peninsula)
  • Rachel Harlow (Leeds)
  • Decaln Hughes (Cardiff)
  • James Hills (Newcastle)

Clinical Training

Oral Surgery Curriculum

The oral surgery training curriculum can be found on the GDC website.

The Specialist Advisory Committee

Specialist Advisory Committees (SACs) are intercollegiate bodies which advise on higher specialist training in the dental specialties.The Oral Surgery SAC is chaired by Colette Balmer and meets biannually. ABAOMS has representation at the SAC. The SAC is currently reviewing curriculum for extended competencies, which describes opportunities to develop further in preparation for the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination (ISFE) and eligibility for consultant appointment.

The membership in oral surgery examination (MOS)

The Diploma of Membership in Oral Surgery (MOral Surg) is a tri-collegiate specialist dental surgery exam (England/Edinburgh/Glasgow). The MOral Surg qualification demonstrates that you have attained the knowledge and understanding relevant to the practice of a specialist in oral surgery. Details can be found at the Royal College of Surgeons website.

The intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination (ISFE)

Award of the Diploma of Fellowship in a specific specialty indicates that a candidate has attained the knowledge and experience, as well as satisfied the necessary training programme requirements, to proceed to independent practice as a consultant within their specialty. Details can be found on the Royal College of Surgeons website.

Clinical academic training

National recruitment (“benchmarking”) and clinical training are well described in the Dental Gold Guide available on the COPDEND website as is the nationally agreed person specification for entry to specialist training. One of the largest funders of clinical academic training is the National Institute for Health Research and their website contains the supplementary details on the person specification for entry to academic training. Further explanations will be available from the Advancing Dental Careers project commissioned by Health Education England when it publishes its part 2 report.

How can we help?

If you would like to contact us about anything to do with ABAOMS, please get in touch with the Secretary of the association:

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